Behind the Camera

Hello! I’m so glad you’ve made it to my site. Allow me to introduce myself.

I’m Rachel Fox, a current junior at Grove City College (it’s in Pennsylvania, and you’ve probably never heard of it). I’m studying Communication and Biblical/Religious Studies, with a focus (for Communication) on web/online communication and design. I’m passionate about relationships, technology, creation, music, and horses. (I get a little bit of gaming in there in my free time, too.) If you haven’t guessed, I also rather like photography and art&design, but these fit under my ‘creation’ passion.
Currently, I’m also working as the Web Manager for Tripl3 eCig, an electronic cigarette brand based in Kennesaw, GA.

Thanks for visiting, and leave me a note if you’d like to get in touch 😀Me 'n Uke

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